Watering Vacuum Pumps

Watering Vacuum Pumps

We manufacture and offer our watering vacuum pumps that have the following features that include:

Entrained liquid drops, Condensible vapours, or occasional slugs of liquid can be handled without damage to the pump or significant effect on capacity. In the case of vapours, the pump can also serve as a condenser.

No lubricant or oil is required within the pump itself. Thus the air or other discharge gases are not contaminated. The liquid which forms the ring (usually water) serves both as a sealant and a pumping media.

A wide selection of materials and seal liquids can be used when corrosive gases and vapours are being pumped. The watering vacuum pumps contain no metal parts that rub against each other. Packing glands and bearings are accessible from the outside. There is no clearance volume and the pumping action is smooth and uniform (non-pulsating). The only moving part is a balanced impeller which reduces noise and vibration. This means lower foundation, installation and service costs.

The pump can be provided with partial liquid recycle, closed loop liquid operation, automatic control and other features. Mechanical seals can be provided as an option. Small entrained solid will pass through the pump. However, abrasive particles, will result in reduce pump life. Each pump is performance tested prior to shipment.

Wide choice of Materials:

Standard material of construction is cast iron with semi steel rotor. Shaft material is stainless steel for model LM-15 to LM-75, large size are carbon steel with brass of stainless steel shaft sleeves for wetted parts. Alternate combination materials are available for special applications.

Some specific Applications:

  • Draining paper webs.
  • Saturating insulation materials, wood and textiles.
  • Evacuation condensers and piping
  • Priming pumps
  • Evaporation acids, blood and milk.
  • Drying resins, paints and chemicals.